A Polished Notes App with Github Flavored Markdown

for macOS, Windows and Linux



I support only macOS for now. You can install by Homebrew.

$ brew update
$ brew cask install inpad

If you don't have Homebrew? Click Here

Windows and Linux will be supported before the March, 2017.

Recent posts

First Release!

The first relase is just launched! You can get it by homebrew.

From now on, I’m going to prepare the cloud support and improve organizing option of notes.

You can check the current status from the issue tracker of Inpad repository.

Happy New Year!

Hi, I’m sarah seo. This is the first post of this blog.

To tell the current status of the app, I’m currently refactoring the database apis. This work should be finished before releasing because modifying cost of this part is so high. After then, I’m going to publish this app to brew, scoop and snap. I think this would be done within this month, January.

Please a little wait more.